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Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Andrew Lim

Before I went to Kairos, I was a very different person. In my first school, I was not very clever and was always bullied. In my second school, I was much better but couldn't cope with the amount of work in Bahasa Malaysia. Kairos is the third school and the best of three. School work in Kairos is for learning and understanding. There is also no pressure to be Number One. I understand and enjoy the subjects I learn. I have a few good friends. I find the teachers at Kairos extemely nice and polite. They are also kind and Godly.

Andrew Lim (2004)

Maya S.

To all my supervisors and friends at Kairos

I would like to thank all of you for the good times I have experienced with you. For once in my life I actually found school fun. Without youI don't think I could have said that.

My first thanks goes to Ma'am Ruby and Pastor Rudy, for making me feel so welcome at school. I would like to thank Mr. Gabriel for the jokes and the occasional word of advice, and Ma'am Ai Ping for just being a friend.
Next, I would like to thank the kindergarteners and the middleschoolers for teaching me tolerance and giving me a good laugh when they fool about.

Last but not least, I thank, ever so sincerly, my fellow highschoolers. I thank you because you were the ones who taught me how to be a friend when I didn't quite know the meaning of the word. I thank you for making me a somewhat better person than I was two years ago. But forget all that, thank you for being my friends. I won't forget you.
Your student and friend,

Maya S. (2005)(Maya is now pursuing law study)

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