Thursday, 29 October 2020

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Kairos Fundraising 2012

Pusat Jagaan Sumber Kairos has been in operation for the past 12 years as a centre primarily catering to the academic and social needs of children with learning disabilities. Despite the intellectual and social challenges faced by the students, Kairos has successfully sent some of them, but not all to local and foreign colleges and universities.

Our current premise at a rented three-storey detached house is unable to meet the growing demands and the plan to provide vocational training for the students who would be unable to enter into tertiary education. Our hope of providing the opportunity to children with special needs in order to realize their maximum potential has been limited by this lack of facility.  

Kairos' immediate need is to find a suitable place with a minimum built-up area of 10,000 sq. ft. which is easily accessible. 

Your donation will help us tremendously to initiate this building project.  With your support, we can change the lives of these children and their families to create a better tomorrow. 

1. Please download this form and fill it up.

Cheques/postal orders

    • Payable to Pusat Jagaan Sumber Kairos
    • Write your sponsor identification number and name behind every cheque/postal order sent.
    • Please post us your contribution together with the completed form.
    • Contact Information:
  • Direct bank-in/ internet banking
    • Our bank account - Public Bank Berhad - 3154334131)
    • Please fax or email the bank in slip with your name, contact number and sponsor identification number.
    • If we do not receive the transaction slip, we will not know that the contribution is from you, and would have to designate it as an anonymous donation.
    • Please fax/email us your contribution together with the completed form.(Fax: 603-78753544   Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Thank you for your kind generosity!