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Friday, 04 December 2020

Philip & Helen Quah

Charles was diagnosed with dyslexia at 7. He managed to struggle through his primary education in a Chinese school but had low self-esteem which affected his social skills.

I read about home-school from the newspapers and decided that it would be a good option for him. He began to study different subjects according to his own pace and the contents are good and interesting, which stimulated his interest to know more. Since joining Kairos in 2006, we are thankful that he is very happy and confident now. When asked "Why?", he replied, "I've many friends" In Kairos, he also got to do daily Bible rading and reflections, which helps his thinking and behaviour. He is also more disciplined now and has improved in his social skills, especially in not using unkind words on others.

We really thank God, Pastors Rudy and Ruby and the staff of Kairos for their good work in guiding the children. In short, Kairos provides holistic education where academic, social, spiritual and good moral values are nurtured.

Philip & Helen Quah (2006)