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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Joshua & Kathleen Chin

Born normal, Elliott sat on the 4th month, crawled at 5th month but was unable to communicate verbally and was always crying in frustration. As he grew, he could only understand few words and simple directions. His communications were though his cries, gestures and limited words. He was afraid of loud voices and fighting sounds.

At age 4, Elliott attended play school but would request to go home after 3 hours. At age 6, we started him in mainstream Chinese kindergarten. He seemed to adapt well but upon proceeding to Std. 1, he showed lack of interest and cried daily at the end of school. We moved him to another school with smaller classes but he was still having trouble to cope. He was unable to understand multi-lingual language and the situation worsen as time went by.

We were recommended to Kairos by mu friend's sister, whose son is also attending Kairos. We felt blessed the very moment Elliott started at Kairos in January 2008. He was very comfortable in Kairos and had no difficulty in adapting himself. He looks forward to going to school everyday and his absorption in learning and communication inproves tremendously. He is able to talk in sentences and is able to understand better.
Since April, he started going to Bahasa Class which he looks forward to. His school work excelled greatly and we had to top-up his PACE's due to his early completion of his designated level. We are so proud of him. He had become more compliant and would listen to reasoning much better.
He now talks so fast that we find him too talkative at times. We believe that Kairos has given Elliott the environment and education which will bring out the best in him and in any child no matter what problems they face.

We owe this great change in Elliott to Pastor Ruby (Mrs.), Pastor Rudy, His supervisor, Ma'am Ai Ping, His Bahasa teacher, Cikgu Chong, and all the staff. The love, care patience and commitment that they have shown our son are sincerly form the bottom of their hearts. No words can explain how Elliott has transformed these past 9 months. Nonetheless, ............"Thank You Very Much!"

Joshua and Kathleen Chin (2008)